5 Android apps to increase productivity by managing time

Increase the productivity of your company by managing time with these 5 ideal apps for Android system and that the work is really effective.

The saying goes well that time is worth gold and this applies to all areas of our life. In a job, time is one of the most valuable assets no matter what a company’s business turn is. Knowing how to manage time is decisive. For this there are time applications that manage and facilitate the administration and planning of the activities so that they are carried out on time, otherwise, it will be difficult to have an effective record of the hours of work done without the appropriate tools.

Below we will tell you what are the 5 applications for Android devices that will be very useful to you. Let’s see what they are.

Hands holding a clock for time management.

Before we get into the details of each of these apps, let’s see why it’s necessary to use these time management apps.

These apps help to easily keep track of the hours that have been dedicated to the projects, as well as help the allocation of budgets and resources so that all the figures add up.

By having these tools you will get:

  • Increased productivity: because staff will be able to focus on the specifically assigned work instead of filling out forms in spreadsheets
  • Reduction of errors: these applications automatically record the time that has been spent on the assigned activities, including the use of web pages and other apps, giving you accurate information.
  • Transparency: by storing all the information in these time management apps, the information will be clear, transparent and you can access it easily.

A system that organizes tasks and unifies them: many of these time tracking apps have other functions that will allow you to create a centralized business management system and you can manage it through different platforms and devices.

Now let’s go into detail about what are the best applications for tracking time at work:

1. TimeCamp

Hand holding a tablet as an example of an Android time management app.

This app is perfect for automatic and easy tracking through timesheets and reports.

It is a free app and has no limit on users. Among its advantages is that you can eliminate all the paperwork that is not indispensable since the application software optimizes the workflow.

Having TimeCamp is a time management app is very effective. It has approvals, editing capability, a clock with a timer, and more extensive data on the timesheet. 

Main features:

  • It makes it easier to arrive at an accurate estimate of project expenses.
  • Its detailed reports allow employees to see the time they have spent on productive and unproductive activities.
  • Reports can be easily exported to Excel files, PDFs, or Google Sheets.
  • It has automatic reminders.
  • You have the ability to create projects and tasks.
  • It has the GPS function.
  • It is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and also for the desktop version Windows, Linux. It is a web application.

2. Harvest: manages time from any device

Table with cell phone and laptop on a white background as examples of time management apps.

Harvest is a simple app with the function of creating a budget. Includes online billing and reporting. Their templates are simplified and can be used with a simple interface.

It can track time and expenses to give you a report on this critical data. You can easily access the information of the performance of the work team, its progress in the projects as well as the time and budget that has been invested in the different assignments.

This is a free simple time tracking app so it is perfect for those who are not very demanding.

You can use it on mobile devices and desktops.

3. Zoho Projects

Computer screen with color images.

Zoho Projects is an all-in-one management center. It has powerful software through which projects can be generated. You can design templates and have the ability to handle the project and task lists.

Through this app, you can stay connected with your work team and create an appropriate flow of information.

Ideal for those who need the detailed information: hours worked, the progress of the company, financial status, and the stage of the projects.

Compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. For more details, visit this link.

4. Homebase: Free Time Tracking App

Cell phone in a man's hand as an example of time management.

Homebase works to maintain the time management of face-to-face and remote employees.

It has several functions and is designed to manage teams as it can combine project management and human resources functions.

Through this app, you can keep track of working hours as well as rest times and overtime to be able to make an accurate calculation when paying payroll. ´

It is available for mobile devices as an app and web for the desktop version.

5. ClickTime

Pair of young men working in an office.

ClickTime is perfect for taking time management of work done online.

Its software is based on the cloud and serves to control time, manage and give reports of the working time of your employees. Their templates are simple although the capacity of their reports is powerful since it helps you maintain strict control of expenses and performance improvements. Through its spreadsheets, you can have all the information you need without the need to save it on your devices.

With this app, you can check the time tracking from your cell phone or computer, give approvals, make inquiries and plan the activities of your work team.

Implementing these applications to your work model will make it easier for you and your team to take better control of the tasks to be done and achieve the planned projections.

If you have remote employees, learn more about this app check this link.

Do you already use them in your company? Which one do you find most attractive? Let us know in the comments.

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