Add Bonuses To Your Products To Make Them More Valuable 

Customers have grown tired of the hype because most marketers use bonuses. It is your responsibility to offer them bonuses that add genuine value to your product and to do so at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way. 

A well-used affiliate marketing tactic is adding value with bonuses, regardless of whether you sell your own products or rebrand others’. But why? An honest bonus adds value to any offer because it is valid, honest, and truly adds value. Moreover, it makes them consider that NOT to purchase would be an extremely foolish decision. 

Customers have grown tired of the hype because most marketers use bonuses. It is your responsibility to offer them bonuses that add genuine value to your product and to do so at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way.


Bonuses that are good include:  

  • An ebook on how to determine if a vehicle has sustained damage is included in your bonus report, which accompanies your ebook about buying a used car. 
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  • Software designed to make it easier to obtain reciprocal links, and a bonus report about how to create search engine optimized website titles, descriptions, and keywords. 

Authentic value in bonuses: 

  • It is directly related to your product and can be used immediately. 
  • Ensures that your motivation for signing up for a newsletter or buying your product is a match, as well as adding to rather than taking away from that motivation. 
  • Putting a price on a free product will allow you to make a profit. 

Bonuses should be placed as follows: 

  • A few seconds before your prospect clicks to complete the purchase. Your product will be reinforced and any last-minute hesitation will be eliminated. 

Examples of bonuses offer that are appropriate: 

1. Physical Product  

A gift or sample is easy to include if you are selling a physical product. You want anything with your logo, URL, and/or contact information to remind your customers to visit your website.  

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2. Report on a special event  

An informational package that relates to what you’re offering and is helpful to the customer makes a great bonus. You can provide a detailed description of some part of your product, as a bonus, if it is information explaining how to do something. I would like to add a report outlining how to get the most out of traffic exchanges, safelists, and email advertisements to the Opt-In Master Course. 

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3. A list of resources

Create a list of resources, websites, books, and vendors that you personally recommend that will help your list grow and your business succeed. Your list can access your website through a password-protected area or as a PDF file.  

4. The checklist  

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Is there anything you offer that would tie in with any checklists? Is that making it easier or better for people to do what you’re teaching them? Your list members could benefit from a checklist of daily traffic exchange surfing schedules or weekly website promotion activities. Do you use ALL OMC resources? This is a common question I receive. You can list all the resources you use in your checklist. 

5. Articles in the collection  

Writing articles and posting them on my website and in article directories is my favorite method of advertising my site and adding valuable content. You could create an ebook of your list of article directories, or of your top ten articles. 

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6. Workbook  

Develop a guide to help members of your list do their assignments, stay on track, and document their progress as they go. Workbooks are recognized and appreciated by people because they provide step-by-step guidance with measurable outcomes. This is an improvement over checklists. 

7. Coaching Sessions With You 

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It is a great idea to offer consultation, for several reasons. This allows you to become familiar with your list members’ questions, and you can decide what direction your website should take based on their responses. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to monetize your free products through back-end sales as well. You could offer an ebook that expands on the information you provided, for example, if they appreciated the coaching you provided.  

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