An important productivity note: Why does Underachievement Occurs?  

They say things like, "I can't help it, I've always thought that way." But in reality, you can stop thinking that way. If you want to avoid underachievement, then you need to work on not only stopping it but also changing your thinking.

You may not be surprised to learn that negative thinking is one of the causes of underachievement. You build your life based on what you tell yourself about yourself. When you engage in negative thinking, you are selecting (and choosing) to believe that you cannot accomplish something rather than believing that you can. But you are not alone! 

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There is no shortage of people in your life who will tell you why things won’t work for you. They say you are incapable of achieving your goals. The worst culprits can, unfortunately, be your family and friends! You always have someone willing to let you know why you are going to fail. How is it going to go wrong? 

While acknowledging that, it is important to recognize that sometimes your closest and dearest will be the first to shower negative rain on your dreams so that you won’t fall. They may fear that you develop and grow and they would be left behind. In the negative thoughts of another, there will always be some deep underlying fear. 

It is critically important to learn how to protect yourself from naysayers if you want to avoid Underachievement. Don’t worry about what other people think of you! I’m not sure who said it first, but it’s right on. Focus on developing the inner strength you need to achieve your dreams instead of taking in what others have to say. 

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You are only affected by negative messages if you let them. Don’t let them affect you. We need to nurture our sense of identity and our sense of what we stand for. In order to avoid underachievement, it is important to first deal with yourself. In what ways is your self-perception affecting your ability to achieve your goals? 

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The key to changing negative thoughts in your head is awareness, acknowledgment, and acceptance. 

Recognize that you are in complete control of your thoughts and actions. This is not the case for most people. They say things like, “I can’t help it, I’ve always thought that way.” But in reality, you can stop thinking that way. If you want to avoid underachievement, then you need to work on not only stopping it but also changing your thinking. 

It becomes more peaceful and certain to live a life where people can say whatever they want without affecting what you think about yourself. 

Here is the question: “Are you going to let what other people say drain your motivation?.” 

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What’s more important, your opinion of yourself or the opinion of others? Are you ready to overcome the negative thinking that goes on in your head? Here’s a tip: If you hear yourself saying negative things, just shout out loud or in your head “cancel” and then switch to affirming thoughts).

You may receive negative messages from co-workers, family members, friends, and even strangers when you think bigger, want more, and work toward achievement because many people like the status quo. In contrast, if you have a strong conviction within yourself, if you strive to ensure all your thoughts empower you rather than disempower you, you will start to transform how you feel and think. 

Success or failure depends on how you view yourself. You can achieve great things by thinking great things about who you are and what you can do.

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