Artificial Intelligence: Taking It to Business

Artificial intelligence is no longer an exclusive science fiction affair. Every day the number of businesses that are implementing it grows to take their brands to another level. Learn how to apply it to your business model.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a subject belonging to science fiction, it is already present in many everyday things and within everyone’s reach. More and more companies are joining to find solutions that bring them greater benefits such as increasing their income and the productivity of their business.

Thanks to applications that are based on artificial intelligence (A.I.), experiences with users (customers) translate into improvements such as customer service, data analysis, and collection. In this way, it is possible to customize products and focus on the specific needs that may arise.

Thanks to this type of application in the business sector, tasks can be delegated, allowing work to be more productive and efficient, which represents gains in all aspects.

How to bring artificial intelligence to business?

Cityscape as artificial intelligence illustration.

AI streamlines the production chain and simplifies sales processes, through this process, new products can be developed that lead the company to be innovative and at the same time allows the reduction of costs, making the business profitable.

Another of the most attractive points when using artificial intelligence in a business model, is that it becomes safer, why? Because hacks and other types of cyber threats can be detected.

Through AI, you can also manage the organization of appointments, trips and as we mentioned earlier, by being able to do productivity analysis, contributes to the improvement of decision making even in its administrative section.

In which sectors or businesses does the integration of artificial intelligence work?

1. Investments

Cell phone screen with investment graphs to be applied in artificial intelligence businesses.

This sector is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries and in which it is very present. Being an area that requires detailed analysis and quick decision-making, AI brings many benefits.

Every day more algorithms are used in the world of investments so it is necessary to offer a greater amount of resources and possibilities for those who are investing money. An example of an application of artificial intelligence for this sector is Metatrader.

This application offers solutions to millions of people regardless of their level of preparation in this sector giving them options for technical analysis, algorithmic trading, advice, and a flexible trading system.

Do you want to venture into the world of investments? In this link, you can find more information.

2. Marketing

Computer screen with AI graphics.

For data collection and ad effectiveness to improve campaigns, AI can be the key to success. This advance allows the tools to be available to everyone, facilitating the work. One of the most representative examples is Google Ads, the artificial intelligence of one of the most successful companies, makes an analysis to personalize the ads, where to show them, and at what time. Other tools collect information about which texts to place, which versions, and the different approaches.

Another artificial intelligence application that can help you boost your marketing company is Adext Al. It analyzes a large amount of data from Instagram campaigns, Facebook YouTube among others identifying the audiences that are most redemptive.

3. Content creation

Laptop screen with text as artificial intelligence application idea.

This is another field that is being taken over by artificial intelligence. An example is copywriting, which is essential for the marketing of companies.

Articoolo is one of the applications of artificial intelligence to create content. Its algorithm creates unique, high-quality material, becoming as similar as if it had been created by the human mind.

How does it work? Very simple, a title is placed and from this, the application will begin to perform a search for resources on the topic you have chosen and will begin to write putting together the pieces with coherence to finally give it an understandable neurolinguistics approach. All this is achieved in just a couple of minutes and you will have unique content, so you will not have to worry about plagiarism.

If you want to know more about this application, in this link you will find more details.

4. Health sector

Medical laboratory with a laboratory worker.

Artificial intelligence is also present in the health sector to facilitate diagnoses and obtain health-related data.

Having AI applications or tools gives researchers a huge number of advantages because they can analyze genetic sequences to be able to develop new vaccines and drugs at speeds never seen before.

5. Automotive

Car interior with smart display.

Every day the production of vehicles that work with this technology is increasing, allowing them to be autonomous machines, which is revolutionizing this market in an accelerated way. The most representative example is Elon Musk’s company, Tesla.

Although most of the cars that are driven today already have this application such as digital assistants, the cameras of the ADAS systems on the windshields detect the rain and start working the cleaners automatically.

6. Agriculture

Irrigation system as an example of artificial intelligence.

Companies like Microsoft are providing artificial intelligence tools to the agricultural sector to reduce the consumption of natural resources. With these tools, farmers can optimize planting, irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting.

What are the advantages of implementing AI in business?

  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • It improves the customer service experience because it no longer works as a robot that offers repetitive answers, it is now a virtual assistant that processes personalized information.
  • Translate data into insights
  • Reduces human error
  • Boost creativity

Implementing innovative tools in your company will help you position yourself against a large number of competitors. Artificial intelligence can help you take your brand to the next level and make bigger profits in every way.

Are you ready to implement it? Tell us how you would do it.

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