Beyond business: lifechanging books

If you live stressed out about work and feel all your creativity is being consumed in solving business problems, you need to read these life-changing books. Discover these four books that are made to change your perspective and give you a break.

In a globalized and competitive world like ours, it’s easy to get lost at work. When we have so many worries, pending, and anxieties, we forget that there is life beyond finance and dealings with partners. In turn, there is nothing better to educate us about reality than literature. What better way to continue growing as an entrepreneur than to read powerful stories? Devoting time to reading can help us clear our minds of the day’s slopes and give us fresh ideas that foster our creativity. We recommend these four life-changing books to relax and revive you.

The Glass Castle by Jannette Walls

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If you haven’t seen the film, don’t miss the book. The Glass Castle is the childhood memoir of American writer Jannette Walls. Through its pages, you will immerse yourself in the life of a girl who grows up with her parents and siblings under unconventional standards.

The Walls family are real nomads. They frequently change residency, move around the United States without any predetermined direction and live where they can. At the same time, children grow up exploring the world with freedom and learning directly from books. The whole family dreams of a bright future where they inhabit a fantastic castle. It sounds like an enviable childhood, yet it is not without challenges. They often lack the basic resources to survive and become exposed to real danger.

Throughout the book we will discover that Jannette’s parents are brilliant people, her father has an enviable intelligence, and her mother has an unprecedented talent. However, the emotional and psychological instability of both makes them choose precarious lifestyles that directly affect their children’s lives. However, Jannette and her siblings are bright children in the spirit of getting ahead.

We included this memoir as one of the lifechanging books because it shows us Jannette’s fierce will to move forward. Sometimes we may feel that we are subject to our circumstances or our families, but these memories prove that we are not. Here you can buy the book.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Teacher giving a lecture like in the lifechanging book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Surely you once had a teacher you admired very much. It could have been during college, high school, or elementary school… This book will surely remind you of that teacher. University computer professor Randy Pausch decided to give a final lesson to his students that has much more to say than just facts about computer data analysis.

One quality of good teachers is to teach you how to live through their areas of knowledge. Maybe you had a dance teacher who taught you to laugh at your mistakes or a math teacher who gave you the key to staying calm in times of crisis. It’s not that they told you explicitly, but that they showed you in the way they taught. The Last Lecture is the compendium of life lessons that Pausch collected from events unrelated to teaching.

When Pausch decided to write the book he was in a race against time. Which we will discover at the beginning of the book. The author did not have much time to make sure to compile the most important things he had learned in life. The most endearing thing about the book is that more than being for his legacy it is a gift for the readers and students he had in life.

We catalog The Last Lecture as one of the life-changing books because it reminds us of what’s important, treats universal problems from personal anecdotes, is endearing, and is rich in witty and interesting stories. Get the book here.

Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi

Person depressed in bed like the main character of Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi a lifechanging book

Sometimes going back to books with pictures is best for the soul. This particular book is no children's book but the illustrations are engaging and tell a beautiful story. Marjane Satrapi, better known for her graphic novel Persepolis, tells the story of her uncle's depression and decisión to die through pictures and tales of his life.

Understanding someone who's going through severe depression is hard. Nowadays more than ever, the conversation about mental health is important. Maybe you know someone who's going through a difficult time of disenchantment with life or maybe you've been through that too. Nasser, our main character goes through it all and shows the reader the frustrations he collected throughout his life that led him to that point.

Marjane Satrapi is known for her storytelling skills and her sensibility towards difficult subjects, but she never sugarcoats anything. The main character's depression is hurtful to his family and his loved ones but it is beyond him to overcome. This story gives a whole new perspective on mental health and the lack of love for life. That is why a book that touches the subject is life-changing.

Rather than depressing, this is an inspiring story because it touches very human feelings, that is why we dare to talk about it as a lifechanging book. Click here to buy the book.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fire to rpresent the lifechanging book Fahrenheit 451

Nothing better to remind us of the importance of reading, books, and fiction than the dystopian novel: Fahrenheit 451. In this world created by Ray Bradbury back in the '50s, books are a counterfeit item and firefighters have become the people who start fires wherever they find books.

Montag, our main character, is a fireman who has never questioned his way of living. However, everything changes when he goes to execute a mission to burn an old woman's library but she refuses to let go of the books. This shocks Montag to the core. What could a book bring to someone's life for it to be worth dying for?

It is interesting to see the parallels between the world of fiction Bradbury creates and our own. Do you own a huge screen? Are you always glued to your phone? Bradbury imagined it back then. Give yourself a reading break from our modern world and enrich yourself with culture and a newfound love for reading.

Fahrenheit is a lifechanging book because it talks about our times, deeply. Have a good read of a dystopian nightmare and start questioning how you've been living. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to change the course of your daily interactions after reading it. Buy the book here.

To conclude about lifechanging books

These books are some of our favorites to reactivate the imagination and change our point of view imposed by routine. We hope they are to your liking, enrich your creativity and inspire you to continue to encourage the habit of reading. These are just four of the books that change lives, but we will continue to have more recommendations.

What books do you think change lives? Tell us in the comments.

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