Digitize your business: 3 steps to increase your online sales

Would you like to tailor your business to the digital channel to improve your sales reach? In this blog you will learn about the most important steps to achieve a successful digital transition and increase your company’s online sales.

While e-commerce was already important in recent years, with the recent pandemic, digital channels accelerated and ways of purchasing became almost entirely online. Digitizing your business is essential in the new technological era to increase sales.

Would you like to tailor your business to the digital channel to increase your sales? In this blog, you will learn about the most important steps to achieve a successful digital transition and increase your company’s online sales.

1.- Evaluate your business model

To start a process of digital transformation, it is important to know from which point you start. It isn’t useful to add new technologies without knowing how the business works.

To do this, start thinking about your business and production process:

  • -Why are you carrying out the digital transformation?
  • -What goals would you like to achieve?
  • -What is the maximum production capacity?
  • -How is the logistics to make the product and once finished?
  • -What type of shipping do you need?
  • -At what cost will it be sold for profit?
  • -What laws and taxes apply?
Man evaluating his business model to increase online sales

Once these points are defined, you can start designing the online sales process. By making an outline or manual and taking into account every step from the moment the product or service is created to the moment it is sold and reached by the customers, you can think about everything you need and would like to implement.

Tip: Think very carefully about these aspects:

-What could be automated

-What financial, personnel, and equipment resources you might need

-In addition to a website, what else do you need to take into account ( SEO, marketing, written content, design, hosting, cloud, etc.)

Remember that this is just initial planning, but as you move forward in the steps, all of these ideas will be reinforced to design a strategic action plan.

2.- Create your buyer persona

If you haven’t already, it’s very important to have well-defined the needs of your ideal customer, to think about how to satisfy them, and to direct all those efforts to offer valuable products or services.

To do this, you can help yourself from the buyer persona scheme, where you can visualize characteristics such as gender, age, purchasing power, language, motivations, and how it moves.

Defining buyer persona to increase online sales

It is recommended to have at least 2 or 3 different profiles. In this way, you will segment your audience and classify your products for successful campaigns.

Also, think about the scope of your business. Could you sell globally? All this will help you identify the potential and establish the best digital channels.

3.- Web platforms and social networks to increase sales online

In this last step comes a very important decision: where you are going to sell your business. Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Some elements to consider for a correct selection are the plugins, the ease of use, payment methods, the costs, and the themes and benefits they offer. The most important thing is undoubtedly to find the one that gives you the most utility so that it translates into a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Importance of online business - increase online sales

We know that there are endless options, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose especially if you do not have great knowledge, that’s why we leave you a blog in which you can compare several options and their functions to determine the best for you: 5 best website creation sites.

Also, you can’t forget social media! They have also become a major source of potential customers, as well as helping to improve web positioning and create direct communication. Did you know that 45% of the world’s population uses social networks? Without a doubt, the potential market is immense, and with the right advertising strategies, you can generate a great reach and increase the online sales of your business.

Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of money in this area, as you can also grow organically by generating valuable content for your customers. You just need a lot of creativity, effort, and focus.

And remember: If you already have a physical store, you don’t need to stop using it. The best thing about the digital channel is that you can create hybrid solutions to increase your physical sales while at the same time selling online.

Key points to increase your sales that you can’t forget

Inform yourself: No one will know better the way to venture into digital businesses than an expert. Partner with someone who can guide you on the best option for you in the 3 steps we already mentioned in this blog. Also, if necessary, hire a development and digital marketing team that can help you carry out strategies successfully.

The most important thing is empathy and value: Getting into online sales involves starting to pursue digital marketing strategies. So you can’t let go of clearly communicating your brand from an empathic point of view. This way you will connect with your customers and give them the confidence to purchase your product or service. It’s very important to plan every aspect: website, social networks, publications, texts, absolutely everything.

Key points to increase online sales

Involve the whole team: If you have more workers in your company, it is important to talk to each and every one of them to teach them the new culture and approach. In addition, it is important to train them to learn all about the digital channel.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment: Are you planning to use digital platforms but do not have equipment that supports all the programs? Make sure that both you and your staff have a computer and all the necessary programs to ensure successful communication, deployment, and logistics. Don’t forget cloud storage tools to have everything backed up and apps like slack or teams for communication and order.

Once executed, evaluate: The only way to know if the transition is working is to evaluate it. And digitization is a constant process. Consider metrics like ROI, web traffic, and conversion rates for constant feedbacks that allow for strategy improvement and redesign.

Conclusion about how to increase sales online

Digitizing your business is being aware of new trends and technologies to increase the level of competitiveness, productivity, and sales. If you finished reading this blog, congratulations because you already made the decision and you are one step closer to increasing your online sales. What follows is planning and execution. Start adapting your sales strategy to the digital environment in the most efficient way and start the transition.

Do you still have doubts about the transition to the digital channel to increase sales online? If you would like a free initial orientation, please contact us and our experts will gladly help you identify your needs and think about the best solution for you.

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