Google Analytics: data collection to improve your business

Today's businesses are based on data collection, so you should focus on finding the best options that will lead you to make better decisions. By understanding your customers, it will be easier to make your sales.

Google Analytics is a data analysis software that is located within Google Marketing. Its function is to analyze the activity of users on websites. It offers statistics such as session duration time, bounce rate, which pages are visited in session time and other functions.

When you can observe the behavior of the users who visit your website, you can direct online marketing strategies, in this way, you can improve the number of users and the quality of the content. This data is also useful for developing strategies that convert users into leads.

You can identify which are the pages that give the best and also the lowest performance of the site and the contents.

Another advantage is that it gives you to know demographic data of the visits to the site. Their moves and who they are to help you ensure you’re reaching your target audience.

1. Why is Google Analytics a fundamental data analysis software for business?

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By exporting Google Analytics data from user behavior on your site, it becomes a critical tool for driving your online marketing strategies and site management. Let’s see below some points in which Google Analytics can help you.

  • Acquisition

At this point you will be able to know where your visitors come from, which sites or search engines made them reach your site. Google Analytics is able to show you how many visitors each source produced that led them to you and how many of these became your customers, thanks to your page’s call to action.

  • Interaction

For your visitors’ experience to be consistent, you need to understand what their behavior is on your site. Through G.A. you can know how much time they spend on each page and what was the activity they did on it. This data is extremely useful because if you have many visits but you are not attracting potential customers, you could have problems on your website.

This is valuable information because if you’re getting a lot of visits but don’t have a low conversion rate, it can be an indicator of problems on your site, which can be anything from a bad contact form format to poor content.

Cell phone with geolocation as data analysis software.
  • Timing

Through this tool, you will be able to know from what type of device your visitors used. This helps to improve the communication options with users, since not all formats of web pages work the same on different devices.

  • Location

Another important data and offers two key uses. If you are trying to establish marketing strategies, by knowing what the location of users is, you can adapt your business strategy by reaching the target audience.

2. How to use Google Analytics on your website?.

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It doesn’t matter if you have a blog or a business site, if you don’t have reach, no one will know that it exists and here comes the Google Analytics search.

To set up G.A. on your site you must follow these steps:

  • Have a Google Account.
  • Then, you’ll need to sign in to Google Analytics and follow the steps to complete the setup.
  • Embed your tracking ID on every page of your site.
  • Set your goals.

Once the analytics data starts coming in, you’ll gain the insights to understand which areas you need to improve on site performance.

If you use sites like WordPress, it’s easier to install Google Analytics. When you have many pages on a website, this can help you take advantage of the time because you will not have to insert the tracking ID on all pages.

Here you can know all the steps in detail.

3. What data analytics can help you make business decisions when using Google Analytics?

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All the information that Google Analytics gives you is vital to help you make decisions in your company. By knowing their location, which sites are of interest to them, how they have interacted in their session time, they are essential for a good marketing strategy.

Acquiring user data is critical to marketing investment:

  • Organic search: When you make good use of keywords, your site will appear in search results, so users will visit your site.
  • Paid search: Here you have to make an investment to make your site appear as a sponsored ad. This appears at the top of the search results.
  • Social networks: users will visit your site thanks to the reason that it has appeared on a social network.
  • Newsletter: here users will arrive at your site thanks to a newsletter that will have reached them directly to their email.
  • References: word-of-mouth advertising will make you get more visitors thanks to recommendations.
  • Target a target audience
Cell phone screen with various social networks as data collection.

By targeting high-traffic channels you can take an obvious approach to which you can designate a target budget for marketing strategies. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are very visited channels.

  • Optimize your SEO
Word SEO as an example of data analysis.

Having optimal SEO will help yield better organic search results for your site. Google has the Search Console option, which has several tools to provide information about the SEO performance of your website and offers solutions when it detects problems. It can show you the most commonly used keywords and search terms.

Visit this link for more details.

  • Collect your audience data
Screen with graphs as a measurement of  analysis.

Getting people to your site is a big step, but the important thing is to keep them captive and this will happen when they start responding to calls to action. You can achieve this by knowing who they are, where they are and what the preferences of your website are. This is called audience data.

  • Device targeting
Electronic devices.

By knowing through which devices your site is accessed, you can find better marketing formulas. Web traffic is generated by 50% through mobile phones. If users have a hard time navigating their phone on your site, you’ll be able to verify its design and make improvements to make it compatible with these devices. At the same time, this can help you manage your paid service for every click of Google Ads.

Similarly, information about which devices are used can help you manage your Google Ads pay-per-click service by targeting the right type of device.

4. Deepen through Google Analytics

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Google Analytics has the ability to drill down into user data by offering you detailed information about your customers such as real time, segmentation and goals.

This accuracy of data is essential for you to carry out digital marketing campaigns to potential customers and offer them a sales channel that converts them into real customers. This is setting the goals of your site.

Today’s businesses are based on data collection, so you should focus on finding the best options that will lead you to make better decisions. By understanding your customers, it will be easier to make your sales.

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