How to attract paid customers after a free period?

Attracting paying customers after a free trial period can be easy by applying the right strategies. Showing the best qualities of your services will allow you to attract their attention and permanence in your business.

Free samples of any product are always very attractive, in addition to the fact that for companies it is a strategy to get new customers or users as it is in the case of SaaS companies. But getting these users to have a payment commitment is not so simple. It is estimated that only 20% of users who take the free sample buy any of the services or plans and this is further complicated due to the high offer of free services.

If you want to convert your test users into paying customers, you must show them the value that your product offers and how it would benefit them to have it, otherwise, you will not be able to get these users to sign up for your paid version.

There are several strategies you can take to influence the decision of your users and we will tell you them below.

1. Establish a bond of trust with customers

Man and woman clashing hands in a business meeting as an example of winning new customers.

When converting your free users into paying customers, you’ll need to pay little attention to the transaction and more focus on the relationship. For some reason, your free users came to your product so you should give them a higher level of confidence. On some occasions, it is not only about attracting new customers but about keeping them and this is achieved based on perseverance in the constant promise of the services you offer.

2. Highlight all the qualities that make you different

Man attending to a woman as a customers of a store.

When a potential customer comes to you, you have the opportunity to show them all the features that set you apart from your competitors. Not only will this speak better of the work you do; by offering a premium trial period at no cost, they will realize what they would lose if they do not commit to paying for the service. If you offer innovative tools that are indispensable to test users, it is highly likely that when their term ends, they will gladly want to pay for what you offer. Visit this link for more ideas.

3. Reward your new customers for referencing you

Man in sunglasses holding bills as customers gain.

Several companies offer these rewards when their customers refer them to their friends or family, offering them up to 6 months free for this work. This public relations “service” will be of great help to you, because for each reference person that is validated, you can extend the benefits of your services.

4. Offer promotions

Shop table with the hand of a woman with her cell phone.

In addition to rewards, promotions are strategies to get new customers at the time they make a purchase. You’ll make them feel like they’re getting more for their money. Platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, and even Apple, have resorted to offering 1 to 3 months free at the time of making a subscription or purchase.

5. Gives a sense of urgency

Scrabble game with legend do it now.

The phrase “for a limited time” is an urgent call to action for your potential customers. When offering the free trial period, you can indicate that it will be like this for a limited time, but you must make sure that your offer is extremely attractive so that they feel that they can not miss the service you offer from now on. In this link, you can find more information.

6. Send personalized emails to your customers

Hand holding a tablet to send emails to customers.

When a product adds value to our lives, we definitely buy it. But there are also ways to keep your current and potential customers’ subscriptions active by promoting them through personalized emails. As you approach the end of a free trial, you can send them an email reminding them that time is about to run out and that they will have to start paying.

7. Offer alternatives tailored to your customers

Man writing on a board strategies for his business.

When customers don’t know the full potential of your services, they’re likely to drop out at the end of their free trial. You need to share and communicate all the benefits they can get from paying for what you’re offering. You must make constant improvements to your site and identify which are the weakest areas and inject them with new features that are extremely attractive and practical so that users stay in your base.

8. Don’t ask for a payment method immediately

Table with credit cards.

When you are offering a free trial, it is not recommended to ask users to enter their banking information instantly, as this will generate distrust. It offers the flexibility that they use your service freely and that they know all the qualities that make you the best option, if they like it, it will be easier for them to return to buy it.

BONUS: Investigate thoroughly

Sign with the phrase we hear you.

You must listen to your customers. Conduct in-depth research on the needs you need to meet to offer them a complete service. Map out your strategies based on the experience of potential buyers to improve even free trial periods. Focusing on sales strategies from the beginning can generate more customers and certainly revenue.

Now, after applying these strategies you need to track the conversion rate of the free trial. Why?

  • Because it will be the concrete way to optimize the acquisition of your customers.
  • Because it will help you find the customers who really fit your service offering.
  • Because you will have the right information about the functionality of your product.

Attracting new customers is not always an easy task, especially these days where the service offer is so wide and competitive. To reach the goal you have set for yourself, it is necessary that you show all the qualities of your service, making clear what makes you unique and the best option.

Do you apply any of these strategies to attract your customers? Let us know in the comments.

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