How to attract the best young talent to your company (employees online?)

Now in times of crisis, it is crucial that companies attract real talent to their workforce. Especially this young and restless talent, as well as employees online, who aspire to have a trajectory in the company and can contribute their talent in specific, in relation to the rest of the body of work and the short and long term objectives of the organization. Without human talent, there are no companies.

Now in times of crisis, companies must attract real talent to their workforce. Especially this young and restless talent, as well as employees online, who aspire to have a trajectory in the company and can contribute their talent in specific, in relation to the rest of the body of work and the short and long term objectives of the organization. Without human talent, there are no companies.

This time we will learn how to keep young talent interested in your business. Consider some of these employees’ benefits needed to add and retain a young professional body.

Uses technology

In the first instance, we need to update the company with all the technological and social innovations pursued by the newly graduated workforce. 

It is known that 80% of companies are looking for vacancies online, as it reduces costs, search time and get more interested and focused staff in their specific search, in addition to the new increasingly proliferating form of employees online.

In addition, 43% of employers are looking on social media for their applicants. Therefore it is important to have a range of the most popular social networks, to maintain contact not only with the clientele but also with future value additions for the company. It’s a practical and accessible way to interact with your valuable content and with people who really care about your business.

 To date, LinkedIn is one of the social networks that have positioned themselves under this increasingly specific and fast professional search profile, to the benefit of your resources and the amount of time you can use in the hunt for new talent.

More than 85% of the world’s population has Facebook and other popular social networks, so it is better to have a presence by these means, to obtain rapid interaction. Likewise, 92% of companies in the United States are using Twitter to recruit, a phenomenon that is gradually being translated into Latin American countries.

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Internet search (employees online)

However, 1 out of 3 recruiters has eliminated the winning candidate they had for a social media one. So, as employees benefits to more valuable people, don’t limit yourself to what you have from traditional media. From the employees online modality, there are quite a few young vacancies that are now active in all kinds of social networks in search of the most suitable opportunity for their professional profile.

If you’re looking for talent, you have to look it up online. Here, for example, is a video that looks at the general aspects that companies review on the social networks of their applicants:

On the other hand, you should consider some current requirements to know how to catch and interest this young talent. Since there are employees online, the person who takes care of your human resources must be a person open to coexistence, who knows the issues to deal with the other professional and who can team up with the working group that is forming, in addition to seeing the patterns available in this training, so that there are no future problems or frictions that translate into preferring one professional over another or there are major conflicts. 

Talent screening

Since we are talking about internet searches, then ultimately it is worth updating in this medium and learning how to connect with other people. 

Remember that this is to optimize the resources of the company, as well as your time and the useful use of your own talents. There are many options on the net that help you take care of your budget and shorten the time to find the ideal vacancy.

You can develop your networking skills so that you have current information from the human resources area and can sell the company in the best way. 

Learn to keep up with your company and what you’re looking for outside the company, both with employees online, as well as in the competition, and with medium and large companies that have their own vision for the future. It is worth updating in every way and innovate in everything your company is doing.

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To retain talent

Companies and organizations are known to be built largely on the vision and commitment of the people who reside in them and interact with like-minded peers. The quality of the people will depend on the quality of the company.

How to retain young talent in the company? There are some employees benefits for employees online you can consider. For example, it is necessary to adapt to the wishes and demands of the workers. They must be kept well balanced and in continuous competition with the companies that remain interested in them. 

The basic thing is to guide the work towards a good balance of life. Give them the development and training necessary for their own path, but also for what they are forming in the community. 

They must be taught to form a community and learn to give to their community and a cause. For them to maintain interest, they need to feel committed to the goals of the organization and can see the purpose behind everything that is being done.

A greater purpose

Many people, especially young people, no longer feel safe being in a single company, doing one thing for the rest of their lives. The work environment is so varied and there is so much demand for updates and preparations that being in a company feels like being stuck. How to manage this situation to retain the talent that the company requires?

It must go beyond economic resources (although an employees discount is never bad), but there needs to be growth and individual development. The same thing is to let the workers grow and not suffocate them with the same work and the same activities.

In search of experiences

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The most appropriate thing is to provide them with the right motivations, from the most earthly, as an employees discount, to professional fulfillment. You have to be looking for an internal career design and for them to really see a challenge to stay in the company and look for the experiences they offer them. The talent that exists between the millennial generation and the younger generation must be captured. 

What is indicated is to maintain a coexistence with all types of generations, from those who are joining up to those who have the most experience, in search of satisfying the needs of all types of demographics.

Only 40% of employees feel appreciated and valued within a company. In this way, it is necessary to maintain a space where they feel appreciated and heard in the company and in the community that is being formed since there is not only an economic contribution but also a history and a constant motivational purpose is formed and consistent with the advancement of the company.

The power of the individual

It not only seeks to attract but also to retain and update itself from the community but also towards the free and personal development of the worker, in search of an organic growth that the worker wants, because he sees a real power in it. In ways of employees benefits, not only will you look for the contribution in the group and the employees discount, but you will also feel professional freedom, a social and even natural openness. 

Remember, everything must start from the path you want to raise the restless mind that we are keeping in constant activation, without being suffocating and asking for a constant opinion of such employees online.

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