How to define your goals with a checklist?

The more meaning you draw out of every positive aspect of your life, the less likely you are to let the negative dominate over you. With your checklist everything is possible.

Prioritizing your goals is essential! Decide where you want to go with a checklist. 

When you set goals for your business, you are similar to a ship’s captain. A vast area of your life lies in front of you. To reach your destination – your goal or purpose – you have the ship of your abilities, potentials, and desires. There are many ways to reach a destination, as a captain looks at a navigational chart.

The captain chooses which port he will travel to and then plots the course from port to port until his voyage is complete. The goals you set for yourself also determine the direction of your life, just as a captain charts his course to a planned destination. 

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Realistic and achievable goals should be set  

As long as the goal is practical, its difficulty is not a deterrent. Make sure your goals are within your reach with your checklist. 

Measurable and concrete goals are essential  

Having knowledge of the exact amount of supplies, miles, travel method, an intermediate destination along the route will determine the success of an expedition. As a result of a long journey into regions that have not been explored before, these are definite, measurable things that can be calculated and obtained.

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To achieve the goals on your route, you should plan the methods of accomplishing them in detail, aiming toward a definite outcome. If you are able to say, “This is what I did, this is how I accomplished it,” you will feel more confident about your work. 

To cover a given timeframe, goals should be extended. 

Every port’s arrival time has been predetermined by the captain. Plan out a timeline for completing your goals. Inactivity will leave you “becalmed” if you don’t move. By planning your time, you will ensure a proper allocation of time to each “goal-segmented” segment of your journey. 

Flexible goals are important with your checklist

No matter where we travel, or what we are doing, we cannot always control the environment around us. Turbulence and heavy seas may occur as a result of winds and currents that we are unaware of. We should not abandon our plans simply because our schedule has been scuppered temporarily. There are multiple routes to the same destination. Consider switching to another route if you are unable to continue your current one. Setting flexible goals with your checklist will help you stay on track. 

Setting goals in advance is essential 

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The importance of planning cannot be overstated! A proven action theorem is to plan and work on your plan. Planning a vacation is more time-consuming than planning one’s life. Identify your goal target, plan your steps before beginning, and you will receive continual progress and satisfaction and elation at reaching it.

Keep your eyes on the finish line without looking backward. In order to plow a straight furrow, farmers cannot “look back as they plow.” For high wire performers, staying focused on their destination is essential to a successful walk on the thin lifeline of their profession.  

You must keep your feet moving forward on your mission and never lose sight of that which you are traveling toward, regardless of whether your path to your goal is as precarious as a high wire act or as grounded as a farmer. Keep your eyes on worthwhile goals with your checklist if you want to achieve greatness. 

You must always keep the ‘dos’ in mind when moving from goal to goal as you go from day to day. It seems that “don’ts” present themselves in so a way as to make them easier to spot and even easier to practice! The more meaning you draw out of every positive aspect of your life, the less likely you are to let the negative dominate over you. With your checklist everything is possible.

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