Marketing 101: How Effective is Your Sales Script?

You can improve your sales performance by getting their feedback and seeing yourself as they see you to smooth out some wrinkles that may be limiting your income. Check how Effective is Your Sales Script?

Sales script has both advantages and disadvantages. One way they can help is by organizing and strategizing your selling points and sales rebuttals.

The problem, however, is that, if used incorrectly, they can compromise your sales effectiveness and actually hurt your bottom line.

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Despite the fact that sales scripts may contain tried and true tactics for converting sales prospects into customers, sounding as if you’re reading a script or reciting memorized lines will drive a wedge between you and your prospects.

When you’re reciting a script, you won’t be able to bridge the gap between salesperson and prospect.

Everybody’s on stage in your sales script

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We forget to ‘lighten up’ from time to time in business and in life! When you take your business or career too seriously, you can not only affect your likeability factor, but it can also have a negative effect on your enjoyment.

You can avoid sounding rehearsed and pushy by injecting your presentations with personalization, humor, and spontaneity.

Finding out what works best for you may take a little bit of experimentation, but that’s all part of the process. 

The Need for a Common Wavelength 

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In order to build rapport with a prospect and win their trust, flexibility is vital. Unless you adapt your script to the audience, you won’t meet their needs, concerns, or questions.

Being empathetic or listening to others may be difficult for some people, but if your success hinges on the ability to influence, persuade, or persuade (and who doesn’t? ), then it’s a skill worth cultivating.

People who have perfected the art of active listening are often the most fascinating, likable, and persuasive. 

The bullet points should be the focus 

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You might consider writing an outline or a set of bullet points that you can memorize rather than memorizing a sales script word for word.

Every couple of weeks, you may need to review the original sales script to make sure you’re ad-libbing effectively and accurately; but don’t forget to pay attention to how you communicate nonverbally, since that’s what your sales prospects value most. 

The way you say it makes all the difference 

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It is common for sales and marketing people to talk too fast, either because they are so excited about what they are selling or because they have had too much coffee.

Those who have a lot of information to convey may feel the need to speak quickly. There are no two situations the same, but talking fast is a major tactical mistake in most situations. The first issue is that your prospects could find it difficult to absorb the information you’re giving them (and if they’re confused, they won’t commit); and the second issue is that…well, you know what they say about ‘fast talkers’.

A good way to get a reality check is to videotape and critique mock sales presentations involving you and a few of your colleagues every now and then.

You can improve your sales performance by getting their feedback and seeing yourself as they see you smooth out some wrinkles that may be limiting your income. Read on with us:

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