Motivating customers to buy with these powerful tactics

Attracting customers is a bit like dating. The engagement ring cannot be presented on your first date! In the process of growing from a two-way relationship, there are steps to take before reaching the doors of the church.

Attracting customers is a bit like dating. The engagement ring cannot be presented on your first date! In the process of growing from a two-way relationship, there are steps to take before reaching the doors of the church. This is not something that can be hurried… this is something that can’t be skipped… when it comes to determining a commitment that will last a lifetime.

A little bit of time and effort goes a long way toward getting to know your date or getting to know your customer. The personality, likes, and dislikes of each date are different, yet there are some commonalities that a marketer can grasp in order to make your marketing more effective. The more you give them what they want, the more they will become the loyal, life-long customers that help you make your business prosper.

Don’t think about selling… instead, put the emphasis on buying

helping customers in buying a product

The common belief among people is that all of their purchasing decisions are the direct result of their own great ideas and knowledgeable shopping. Let’s face it, no one likes to be pestered by salespeople. Alternatively, a salesperson who “helps” the customer discover the best buy for the money is a hero in my view. 

The truth is, when a person walks into your store they are most likely thinking of making a purchase even before they walk in the door. There is no need to make them buy anything. There is nothing wrong with simply helping them decide what the best purchase would be and taking it easy on them.

Make sure you keep your focus on the customer and his needs. Ask yourself which features and benefits would be most attractive to him? Within what price range would he be comfortable buying this product? You need to stay focused on the fact that you are not there to persuade him but to serve his needs. There is no pressure now!

Purchases can be made as a “Sure bet”

selling and buying

The buying process is a very risky one. There is a correlation between the price and the risk of buying something. Essentially, a customer is looking for a product that will meet the needs for which he purchased it. The biggest question on the customer’s mind is, “Is it truly worth it?”?

Hey, it’s a legitimate question. It seems as though there are tons of scams out there where you are spending your hard-earned cash and in the end, you end up with trash that doesn’t last and can’t be fixed. In light of a few tough lessons learned by some customers, they are wary of making off-the-cuff purchases. People are looking for something dependable and trustworthy.

It is a fact that a money-back guarantee can relieve a great deal of stress for the consumer when it comes to purchasing a product. It gives them peace of mind to know that if the product doesn’t perform as expected, they are not stuck paying for something that didn’t work.

Additionally, testimonials from satisfied customers also indicate to “would-be” buyers that you do deliver on your promises. It is impossible to compare the voice of a satisfied customer to that of an anonymous reviewer, but don’t use testimonials carelessly. Make sure you have a plan before you make your move. To help give credence to the customer’s testimony, choose clear and specific testimonials, and include as much of the customer’s personal information as you can.    

Make sure they know how easy it is

making buying easy

Simplicity… there is just something so pleasing about it. Surely you know that your harried customers are extremely busy and tired. The last thing they want is to waste more time. In most cases, people simply want to make the purchase and head home after that. The convenience store industry testifies to the fact that sometimes quick and easy is more important than a lower price.

Ensure that the buying process is as simple as it possibly can be. Different people prefer different methods. If you provide as many options as possible, you will be able to attract more customers.

Make sure you don’t forget when you’re planning your marketing campaign that your product offers rapid, fast, and easy benefits to consumers. Keep in mind that value isn’t everything. The truth is that when you know what your customers like you can charm them pretty easily! Make sure that you keep these 3 techniques in mind as you embark on the daunting task of growing your business as well as building up your customer base. You will then see exponential growth in your profits.

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