Social Media service

Power your social media with our untamed creativity.

A creative team to take your social media to the next level. Reach more people and enhance your audience through a strategy that will get you trending. Give your profiles an aesthetic, through well-designed and thought-out posts. Make your social media an outlet for your brand to grow.

What you’re facing 

Social media is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with clients.

It is very important to have a social media presence, it makes up for your business’s identity as much as your website, it lets people know who you are. It can be difficult to use your platforms in a way in which audiences build trust towards you, it may even become a difficult chore to create content and curate a professional yet approachable image on social media. 

We’re on your side 

We create social media strategies that make business's thrive.

In Tank Studio Lab we understand how social media can impact a business. We listen to what you expect to get from your platforms and we move our efforts towards your goals. Our success is founded on data analysis that guides us to make wise and bold decisions to get better your relevance on social media. Reach your target audience through a strategy that covers your aesthetic, content, and what the specific social media platform promotes.

How you’ll be changing the game 

Beyond word of mouth, get your brand to social interact

Stay top of mind

Make people think of you before anyone else. Your social media presence can make you a leader in your commercial activity. Remain relevant not only on a social media platform but on your customers’ minds.

Humanize your brand

Go beyond corporate barriers. Your brand can be so much more than a cold business. Show your values, be a part of important conversations, and remain relevant to people. Let clients warm up to you through your profiles.

Generate leads

Let social media platforms work in your favor. Apart from better presenting yourself, let social media bring you closer to potential customers. Grow your business through your platforms.


Listen and respond to your customers. There is nothing more attractive than knowing that a business cares for its customers. A good line of communication shows this, social media can be it. Stay close to your clients on a daily.

Boost sales

Whether you’re selling a product or service through a good social media image, people will always be more interested in buying directly from you.