Strategic marketing priorities during the pandemic

After the global health crisis, trade and advertising as we know it had to take a 180-degree turn. The world’s best-known companies are redesigning their image to raise awareness about this couple of years of pandemic. These kinds of actions stand out from the simple marketing campaigns they might have of your product or brand, but allow them to gain a reputation as a conscious company.

In the wake of the global health crisis, trade and advertising as we know, had to take a 180-degree turn towards adequate strategic marketing for this time. The world’s best-known companies are redesigning their image to raise awareness about this couple of years of the pandemic.

As an exercise in social marketing and corporate social responsibility, they reinforce messages such as keeping distance, getting vaccinated as soon as you have the opportunity, and taking care of the vulnerable population. 

Cinema billboard that says: The world is temporarily closed to represent affiliated marketing when the world is closed

More than marketing emails

These kinds of actions stand out from the simple marketing campaigns they might have of your product or brand, but allow them to gain a reputation as a conscious company, and consequently win the loyalty and commitment of clients who are interested in such social movements and wish to surround themselves with such a message.

Because of the current pandemic we are experiencing and the closure of several physical businesses, uncertainty arises: how do you manage your marketing now? , do I continue with my marketing emails? , what do I post on my digital media? Although the food and pharmaceutical company has more freedom in this area, others can not even open their doors on the physical plane. That leaves them with the reach of all digital media.

Here are the five most important tips to take care of this in times of pandemic:

1. Keep your presence online 

By social distancing measures, people will be spending a lot more time online, so it’s your chance to stand out from the competition. You can interact much more on social media by answering frequently asked questions, comments, and messages from your audience. You must have a website where you have the entire catalog of your products and services with their respective prices. Also, have a parcel and shipping service. Think about how you’re developing strategic marketing for the future. Facebook, for example, has an article regarding the creation of an online presence.

2. Join the current cause

Don’t let your brand sit on the sidelines at important times like this. Give an official statement about the care policies you will have during this critical period. Own content post with hygiene recommendations and messages of support to families. Publish quality content related to the topic to help. It’s important to show solidarity and consideration with your collaborators. You must implement the home office or all health and safety measures to ensure their safety and their lives. This will give you an image of affiliated marketing, both for the public who can comment on your way of carrying the pandemic with your body of work, both for this same body of work, which will feel appreciated and protected.

Sign that says: we sill support each other during this difficult time to represent strategic marketing during the pandemic

3. Take Social Responsibility

Even as part of affiliated marketing, you need to go beyond measures and the “new normal” and donate something to the cause. Or if your products and services can be of any benefit to your community, consider supporting that. If you have any specific idea of how you could contribute more to your surroundings, don’t hesitate to do so. Show that your brand cares about giving something to society. Here are examples of brands that took on social responsibility:

4. Even under the line of strategic marketing, think that it is not time to sell, but to loyalty. 

Do not take advantage of the situation, do not seek advantage, and stop with the most direct advertising. Instead, try to stay accessible and give good online attention to communicate with your customers and aspiring customers. Now is not the time to try to sell, but to show that your brand is interested in people.

5. Keep posting! Post relevant content

Since people have more time, they spend more time in front of their devices. They are looking for relevant information, but all the media are full of information about the pandemic. It’s time to have content marketing of greater interest so that you form affiliated marketing. You can educate people with tips, reviews, comparisons, and other content that doesn’t seek to sell, but help your audience get informed, to build trust in them, and encourage more interaction.

people walking on street during nighttime to represent the importance of marketing emails

In few words

Beyond working on your marketing emails, now is the time to be supportive and human. As a brand is no exception. It’s time to be active in your community and even if you stop your activities, don’t stop your online posts. Use your free time to improve your online presence and to generate content that helps your audience, your affiliated marketing. Also, rethink your business, think about innovations and new ideas that you can pose for the future. At some point the pandemic will pass, no matter how long it takes, and in the end, you will have been able to use strategic marketing for the constant and future benefit of your brand. To be able to reinvent yourself and ensure success, even in times of crisis and suffering.

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