The best online payment methods only for your business

When it comes to accepting all the payment methods and knowing all the options, it is best to learn about all the platforms and all the available means, so that there is no excuse as to the logistics and the available shipments. Otherwise, the sale could be lost already in the last step of the purchase, which is when the deal is closed.

How to collect if my client is away and it is impossible to collect cash? At present, there is more freedom to make payment by card, to put the bank account on the internet, is already more and more normal and is increasingly seen on the internet. 

However, when it comes to accepting all the payment methods and knowing all the options, it is best to learn about all the platforms and all the available means, so that there is no excuse as to the logistics and the available shipments. Otherwise, the sale could be lost already in the last step of the purchase, which is when the deal is closed.

Physical money is losing more and more presence, while things like bank transfers, deposit,s and "card-taking" are taking on greater importance, even in medium and small businesses anywhere.

The success of your online effort depends largely on your ability to sell your products and how your online store works. It will take time for you to gain the trust of visitors to your site in order to sell products. You can reassure your visitors about your reliability by using a payment gateway.

Benefits in payment methods

Person using a payment gateway as the best online payment for their business

Payload management systems are e-commerce services that allow you to securely accept credit cards and other forms of online payment from your website. You could suffer a loss of orders placed in your store if the apps for online payment in your store are not properly configured. 

Your sales will be affected because your customers will be dissatisfied. In order to maintain the long-term success of your online business, however, you must implement a quality payment gateway.

Because not all payment methods work exactly the same, it’s important to choose one that’s right for your needs. When considering which payment gateway you need to use, here are a few things to consider:

  • See how much a payment gateway will cost you in the transition. Keep your budget in mind.
  • Check if you need to register with the payment gateway. Payment methods like these should be avoided if so.
  • When you want to expand your online business globally, look for a multi-coin-based payment gateway.
  • Check the apps for online payment, also their terms and conditions to find out which products you can sell (digital or physical). Those who do not allow the sale of physical goods can do so because they only allow the sale of physical goods.
  • Pay attention to accepting credit cards, debit cards and PayPal payments through your online payment bill.
  • Do not require your users to fill in unnecessary fields when using the payment gateway.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of our favorite payment methods, from which you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

1. PayPal

The company was launched in 1999, and was not yet launched until December 1998. Pay with a credit or debit card through this widely used online payment bill. Customers can use the service free of charge. Using PayPal for credit card payments, however, will involve simple transition rates of "3.4% + $0.30 USD". An important advantage of this service is that you only have to pay once you sell. There are no setup charges, gateway charges or monthly charges associated with this payment gateway. PayPal is used by 341,497 websites.

2. Authorize.Net

In 1996, the company was known as a relatively unpopular online payment bill. Currently, Authorize.Net is known as one of the most popular pay gateways. Authorize.Net Payments Gateway processes online credit card payments and e-checks for more than 400,000 merchants worldwide. Setup fees are $49 and the monthly gateway fees are $29 per month. Several experts and website developers suggest that a shopping cart like osCommerce or Magento would be a good match with Authorize.Net.


In 1999, was founded and has been operating ever since. In addition to offering services in 196 countries, it accepts payments via credit cards, PayPal and debit cards. With this service, you’ll only pay a "2.9% + 30*" fee per successful transaction. I’ll tell you what’s really great! You will not have to pay any set-up or monthly fees.


Low-budget startups can benefit from as their preferred payment gateway. No setup fee is required, and you only need to pay a $10 monthly fee as a gateway fee. The system setup takes less than an hour. Since its founding in 2003, has served more than 5200 shopping carts. Credit card processing is the only service offered.

5. ChronoPay

As for this kind of payment methods on our list, ChronoPay is an ideal solution for merchants as it accepts credit and debit cards (including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, etc). If you decide to connect to ChronoPay for free, a percentage of your monthly sales will be charged as a commission.

Phone screen showing a QR code to pay online

6. First Data Corporation

With 30 years of experience in the payments industry worldwide, it is one of the oldest payment methods. Despite its creation in 1969, it began offering its services in the US and international markets in 1998. In addition to credit, debit, and gift cards, the company offers several prepaid card products. About 6 million merchants use the services of First Data Corporation worldwide. There are, however, some fairly high fees associated with this online payment bill. Considering its high-quality services, First Data Corporation is a great investment if you are willing to invest.


August 1997 was the beginning of the operation of this payment portal. In addition to online shopping carts and electronic check services (called SecurePay), also offers mobile payments. You will need to create an account with in order to make an online payment bill by credit card. Per transaction, it charges ". 25%-1%" plus "$0.25". For services completed before the expiration of the payment gateway agreement, you will be required to pay an additional fee of $400.

8. PaySimple

As a new era in apps for online payment for iPhone and iPad, PaySimple accepts all major credit cards and e-checks. You can start with the basic $34.95/month plan. Payment gateways like PaySimple are highly recommended for small and medium-sized online stores.

9. Paynova

Electronic retailers can choose from 21 payment options with Paynova, a Swedish payment service company. To access its services, however, you will need to register. Small businesses benefit most from it.

10. BluePay Processing LLC

Despite serving merchants since 2002, BluePay Processing is a relatively new payment portal that has established a good reputation among them very quickly. BluePay accepts credit cards and electronic checks. In addition to charging a monthly service fee of $15, it states that it provides the highest level of data security in the online payment bill portal industry.

Person taking cash out of an ATM insted of using a better payment method

11. EXTRA: Pay U Latam

It offers all the payment methods at your disposal for your customers. PayU is a payment service provider that provides certain services to Commerce. For example, it grants you an exclusive and revocable license to use a technology platform for online processing of payments resulting from the online sale of goods and services (the "PayU Platform")

All set to go!

Choosing the best apps for online payment is crucial to creating a successful online store. Don’t let the payment gateway act as a barrier to your business. The plethora of online payment gateways make it easy to get overwhelmed. If you read this, hopefully, you’ll get a good idea of the best payment methods to choose from, for your e-commerce. Consider online payment bill, the easy current way to treat your customers.

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