The Best online store management for a business owner

As a new business owner, prepare yourself for eCommerce by becoming familiar with the system. If you have not dealt with online commerce before, you should acquaint yourself with the process. For many small businesses, this can be the perfect way to gain valuable experience in an unfamiliar area.
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As a business owner, entrepreneurship presents huge benefits for many companies, whether they are established or just starting out. It is, however, a daunting proposition for many business leaders to launch an E-commerce store and learn how to effectively create an online store.

We consider business owner types, so we have three options in this guide:

1. An existing website with “Buy now” buttons

2. E-commerce such as eBay or Amazon where you sell goods online

3. Setting up an e-commerce website

A button to buy now

With certain business owner types, an individual can accept payments using these payment buttons integrated into their website. Apart from that, this service does not have any additional functionality. 

It is the responsibility of the payment provider, such as PayPal or Google Checkout, to handle all the processing of payment. It is a process that involves placing a snippet of HTML code on a webpage that, when clicked, could lead the consumer to a third-party retailer's website where the transaction can be complete.

When you are a business owner, you need to know that there are several smart ways to implement "Buy now" buttons that can simplify and reduce costs. These buttons don't require credit checks or any other forms of paperwork to be completed. 

A business, or merchant as it is often called, can get paid extremely fast when doing business. It does not have any monthly or setup fees, there is a cost per transaction as opposed to a monthly and setup fee.

The buy now button, however, tends to suit businesses with very low sales volumes, oftentimes only because of its simplicity. 

It can be complex and costly to build a large site because they do not work with large volumes and you have to insert each and every button individually for every product. It is also the case that without a back office, there is no way to manage stocks.

Markets on the internet

Many companies and their business owner wish to sell their products online and are turning to online marketplaces to do so. 

Among them are:

  • The highly popular auction site eBay is where you can purchase anything from coins to bomber jackets to leather. There is a great deal of support for people selling on eBay. 
  • There have been many businesses that have sold into international markets through Amazon

In addition to fulfillment services, Amazon offers other business-related services

Through Etsy, craftspeople in many different parts of the world have been able to market their products internationally. By developing a comprehensive seller handbook, Etsy has explained the steps necessary to establish an online store and makes it very easy to establish an online store

Generally speaking, on these online marketplaces, all the processes, such as catalogs, searches, and payments that make up the shopping experience are done on the marketplace's website, eliminating the need for the business or the customer to use another service. Also, of course, the marketplaces provide some level of protection from fraud on the part of retailers and customers. Every business owner types should analyze this.

The biggest sellers on online marketplaces will sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods every month for some businesses, and some businesses earn most of their revenues as a result of selling their goods on those platforms.

The major online marketplaces do not charge anything for setting up an account. A marketplace's cost is largely made up of sales commissions and, sometimes, a fixed monthly fee. Depending on your requirements, you might need to pay extra for some services, for instance, a custom eBay store if you want to create a more attractive marketplace presence.

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Businesses have an opportunity to tap into a worldwide audience of potential customers by using online marketplaces. The company also overcomes the problem of no brand recognition or consumer trust, which are the biggest problems for new online businesses, and all business owner types that exist.

Customers place their trust in established online marketplace brands, allowing a new business to rely on brand recognition and sales potential. 

In addition to setting up a presence on one of the marketplaces, it is also rather straightforward to do so. All business owner types should consider that a little technical knowledge can help make the product's features more attractive and saleable, although some technical know-how can aid in improving the appeal of the product.

The downside is:

  • It may cost you a lot in terms of fees, charges, and commission. As a business owner of this type of market, you should consider this in your finances.
  • It doesn’t matter all your business owner types, the service level agreement is strict. When it comes to refunds, shipping, and feedback, sellers might have to follow the marketplace's performance criteria. An account that doesn't adhere to these guidelines can be suspended.
  • There is no doubt that listing is easy to create, but little branding opportunity is available
  • Marketplaces tend to attract more price-sensitive customers who are less concerned about the brand than brand loyalty, and this can have a serious impact on margins

An eCommerce store vs. a marketplace

All business owner types that wish to sell online should seriously consider online marketplaces as excellent sales channels. Their strengths tend to complement certain types of enterprises, and they can meet all their requirements for e-commerce. 

However, there are several very solid reasons for others to consider setting up their own website with an eCommerce platform of their own instead of placing their brand on such sites.

All business owner types can:

  • Increase your sales using additional means, such as paid search and shopping comparison sites, that are not necessarily compatible with a marketplace presence
  • Eliminate the risk of being excessively dependent on a single marketplace for all your sales and vulnerable to changes made by the business owner at any given time
  • Provide online customer service to those who do not use online marketplaces
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Commerce solutions for an online business owner types

There are several elements that comprise an eCommerce solution:

  • An online catalog. An image, a description, and a price of each product are part of the application's core features. An application's database stores the information about each product. The database may also contain all of the other information required by an online store to function, such as order information and customer information.
  • Storefront is an online environment. As a business owner, you can have an online shopping cart interface that allows the purchaser to find, put products into their cart, and calculate the total order value, including delivery fees and taxes if any.
  • Payment and checkout. It is always important for customers to keep track of the items in their shopping basket. If they choose to pay for those items, they will be directed to a virtual checkout where they will enter the details of delivery and payment. When you are a business owner, you need to know that it will then be possible for the eCommerce application to communicate with the payment gateway in order to verify the payment details and to complete the transaction.

Those eCommerce solutions that offer more advanced functionality will have order management features, including order status, email communication with customers, and web analytics. Online payments can be recognized by your financial system as a business owner if the eCommerce platform is integrated with your accounting platform.

When a retailer sells across multiple channels, inventory management on advanced eCommerce platforms can be tricky. Depending on the situation, the website inventory may need to be updated in real-time across warehouse and inventory management systems, as well as across online marketplaces like Amazon and point-of-sale systems at retail stores and stores throughout the country.

On the market today there are many different eCommerce solutions that as far as features, functionality, and pricing are concerned, differ significantly from one another. 

There are three main actions you have to take

The choice of the requirements of the business owner will depend on the needs of the business. If you want to decide on an eCommerce solution, you should seriously consider whether it will suit your planned volume of business and your ability to accommodate it with existing resources and skills.

Prepare yourself for eCommerce by becoming familiar with the system. If you have not dealt with online commerce before, you should acquaint yourself with the process. For many small businesses, this can be the perfect way to gain valuable experience in an unfamiliar area and get valuable experience faster than they can start from scratch with a marketplace or even a hosted solution.

It doesn’t matter the business owner types, the first thing you want to do as a business owner is making sure you're not committing too much money upfront. It is important to think about whether a large investment is necessary at the beginning of your eCommerce solution if your business plan is designed to require it to scale significantly. 

Furthermore, to make sure your hosted plan is one that will allow you to migrate easily to a more comprehensive solution at a later date, make sure to read the fine print.

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