Think of these 11 Questions to Kickstart Your Dream Now

You will never be happy if you don't live your dream. You don't want to spend your last days regretting you didn't marry that one captivating person, start that fun business, or see somewhere exotic you always wanted to see? 

Do you have a dream? Would you like to kickstart your vision? Use these questions to speed up the process of achieving your dreams. 

1. What is your most important goal in life? 

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What are you most eager to learn, experience, or embrace this time around? You will not achieve your life goals unless you answer this question. Unless your intentions are aligned with your inner passion, you will not be able to attract the people and circumstances you need to make them a reality. 

Find out what your true joy is. As a child, what activities were your favorites? What do you enjoy doing now? Synchronicity guides you to your goal when your purpose aligns with your goals. The assistance you need will come from every earthly and heavenly source as you intuit and own your unique essence and calling. 

2. What do you dream about, or what does someone else dream about? 

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Do you choose your own goals, or do others tell you what you should accomplish? What if you wish you had followed your passion in your old age? Would you regret having played it safe? 

What does it mean to pursue your own dream? If you don’t give yourself joy first, how can you give it to others? 

Your heart has a divine right to be heard. It is your social responsibility to follow your dreams. Once you fulfill your destiny, you can make the earthly contribution to which you were meant to contribute. 

3. Is this dream really, really important to you? 

How do you wake up every morning looking forward to pursuing your dreams? It sounds meaningful, so you chase it, but is it just a lukewarm dream? The real dream will be the only one capable of manifesting itself in the world. 

4. How much are you willing to settle for? 

Is it inevitable that you will accept less than your fair share of love, health, and success in your lifetime? Do you regret compromising and letting your dream die

You will never be happy if you don’t live your true passions. You don’t want to spend your last days regretting you didn’t marry that one captivating person, start that fun business, or see somewhere exotic you always wanted to see? 

5. Has your dream become a means to another goal? 

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How important is your goal to you, or are you just using that goal as a means to an end? Don’t you want the car itself instead of the money-the means-to buy the car? In the end, isn’t it more about regaining self-respect than impressing family and neighbors with new cars and houses? Isn’t it more important to find true happiness than a picture-perfect mate, job, or body? 

Don’t get hung up on the physical form, but rather on the experience you are trying to create.

6. When you reach your dream, how will you feel?

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A vision is fueled by passion. Live out your dream with the thrill and exhilaration of living your dream. Enjoy every moment of what you have accomplished. 

“Where your creative attention flows, so flows your life.” Are you feeding your dream with what you do every day? We are reminded through the television public service announcement: “It’s midnight. Do you know where your children are?” Hey, in your life, it’s noontime! What are you doing that sparks your creativity? 

Your aspirations deserve to be manifested. In a garden, a flower is nurtured with love and care to grow into a dynamic, satisfying creation. 

7. How will achieving your dream benefit you? 

Describe the benefits you’ll receive when you achieve your vision. Put these benefits in writing to help them stick in your mind. Could you make a lot of money doing what you love? If people loved and supported you, how would your life be different? If you had more vitality and health, what would you do? 

8. How can you start working towards your dream today

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Dream big and don’t put it off. Implement a system to help you take action right away. Take advantage of every opportunity that matches your vision and purpose. 

Don’t let up. Take at least one action every day, no matter how busy your life is. A simple action like writing down a new idea, reading a single page, or making a single call can build up over time. 

Do you have any small projects that can give you pleasure while you work toward your larger dream? Train for a local fun-run first if you want to run a marathon. Keep track of your progress. Write them down or tell a friend about those little wins. 

9. Do you tell yourself, “I cannot achieve my dream?”? 

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It is believed that most people cannot live their dreams. It is either because their belief system says they can’t make a living doing what they love, or because they believe they don’t deserve their dream. People often keep their dream so buried they no longer remember them. They do this to avoid the pain of feeling like they can’t achieve their dream. 

Dreams are the stuff of everyone’s lives! It is everyone’s destiny to fulfill their dreams. Why delay? 

10. Do you fear achieving your dreams?

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Studies have shown that when “good” things happen, more heart attacks occur! Getting your dream could be deadly! Being able to realize your dream threatens your existing life and experience of yourself, you know the one you’re bored by or are pained by to death! 

Change is a scary concept. Work on dissipating the energy of fear. If you don’t want to feel fear, don’t live! 

11. What is the point of achieving your dream? 

Is achieving your goals really required for happiness? You are now in the “hootless state”, where you don’t care whether you achieve your dream exactly. You have a better chance of attracting real happiness without being pushed, pushed, and micromanaged by your ego. Relaxing your grip on what your future “has” to look like gives the Universe more flexibility in fulfilling your dreams. 

Likewise, on a higher plane, what if our true task here on Earth is to simply be ourselves-those characteristics we already possess, without putting our specific wishes into action? Would that be enough? 

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