WhatsApp Business: how to use it in your company

WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for Business is a free messaging app for Android and iOS systems that allows small and medium-sized businesses to maintain constant and immediate communication with their customers.

WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for Business is a free messaging app for Android and iOS systems that allows small and medium-sized businesses to maintain constant and immediate communication with their customers. It was acquired in 2014 by another of the great communication applications: Facebook and has more than one billion daily active users. WhatsApp Business was announced in 2017 with the main objective of freeing personal WhatsApp accounts from corporate spam. WhatsApp for businesses is today an essential communication tool that offers a wide range of benefits and functions.

In this article, we will give you what are the functions and steps to follow to start using this application.

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There are 3 different types of WhatsApp

  • Personal WhatsApp: it is designed for the exclusive use of smartphones although it also has a desktop version. Its purpose is that you can communicate with your family and friends for free and instantly.
  • WhatsApp for business: it has functions that allow you to create profiles for your business and at the same time you can manage messages with your customers, among other simple functions. It’s also free and can be managed from a smartphone. The problem is that there are several agents, each with their own WhatsApp number for businesses, and operate individually. If you receive 50 to 500 messages per day, your business can use this app. But you should keep in mind that on a large scale this is a bad option and at some point, you will have to switch to the WhatsApp Business API number.
  • WhatsApp API for business: it is a great communication tool for your business, it allows you to use WhatsApp with several agents who can work as a team and serve all your customers with a number. It doesn’t work through smartphones because everything is in the cloud. · In this link, you can get more information.
  • It has many automation features for customer service and allows you to control the metrics of its agents; can be used for a digital call center. This version has a price if in your business you receive more than 500 messages per day, you need the WhatsApp API for companies.

1. What are the features of WhatsApp for Business?

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The main objective of this new version is to allow companies to create more official profiles from their own brands. Thanks to this profile, customers can instantly find information about the company: description, address, opening hours, website, social networks, among other factors:

You should create a profile of your company that includes important information for customers: address, opening hours, website, and social networks.

Organize and segment contacts through tags to deliver personalized messages.

This includes greetings and absences so your contacts can stay up to date with your business.

2.  The main functions that WhatsApp for companies provides to users are:

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  • The aesthetics of your profile are more visible. You can add your logo as a profile picture and keep the background by providing images and text to enhance your brand. You can also add important promotions that you want your customers to know about.

Automated messages

  • Welcome messages, outgoing messages, and even pre-recorded responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be scheduled. All of these messages are “responsive,” meaning the person must start the conversation. Learn more here.

Diverse content

  • While it is true that this profile allows a more serious and professional tone and language, that does not take away from the diversity of content that the platform allows. Active links, images, videos, PDFs, websites, and voice messages are always available.

Label control

  • Similar to how teams work in a single version, tags are used to categorize your conversations into audience types, communication channels, or sales stages. For example, you can create a “new lead” tag that allows you to handle contacts that aren’t an “attractive customer” tag. This option can also be integrated into your CRM.


  • Pointers have more weight. Statistics help determine the number of responses, the number of clicks on links, and the type of content that is shared the most, among other data.

3. Consider doing business on WhatsApp for Business

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Before downloading the app you should consider the following:

  • If you already have a personal WhatsApp Messenger account, you will have the option to transfer your chat history to your new WhatsApp for Business account.
  • Your chat history cannot be returned to WhatsApp Messenger if you decide to stop using WhatsApp for Business.
  • You can use both apps, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger, on the same phone, but without using the same SIM card. Each app must be associated with a different phone number.

4. How does the new WhatsApp API solution for business work?

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To name a few of the API’s unique features will surprise you:

  • A WhatsApp number connected to multiple agents, stations, and services.
  • Intelligently assign notifications to the appropriate agent, using the help desk.
  • Respond quickly with an automatic response.
  • Send mass messages, notifications, and reminders to your WhatsApp contact database in a scheduled and automatic way and with a personal name.
  • You can generate automated conversations that include chatbots that are so advanced that they are able to solve up to 70% of customer conversations and questions.
  • You can get data about customer interactions and the quality of customer service, such as service level agreements.

5. What are the benefits of using the official API?

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With this, you can make your company known by standing out for a good service to digital customers. The main advantages offered by the WhatsApp API for companies are:

  • Improved response speed (SLA).
  • Cost savings of agent and keys. It has been proven that customer satisfaction has increased by 98%.
  • Compliance with the data privacy policy.
  • You can increase productivity with team or agency tasks.
  • Improve relationships and communication with your customers.
  • Enables digital attention and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • End-to-end message encryption and end-to-end security.
  • Activate an official number with a verified company profile.

The requirements to access the API are:

  • No mass marketing campaigns or spam are allowed, as the API operates in full compliance with international legislation on personal data privacy.
  • To access, you must have your Facebook Business Manager ID. The account must be in the name of Your company and not an agent or third party.
  • You must pay a one-time fee to start the registration process. During this process, your work will be verified by Facebook executives. If your business complies with WhatsApp’s business policies, your number will be approved. You must pay by credit card.

WhatsApp Business, or WhatsApp for Business, is the fastest-growing customer service channel in the world.

Do you already have your WhatsApp account for your business? Has it worked for you? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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