Why hasn’t your PPC campaign achieved the desired success?

PPC or pay-per-click digital advertising campaigns consist of an advertiser paying an amount of money each time a user who is browsing the network, clicks on one of their ads. 

PPC or pay-per-click digital advertising campaigns consist of an advertiser paying an amount of money each time a user who is browsing the network, clicks on one of their ads. The idea of these pay-per-click campaigns is to buy traffic for a site, with the idea of promoting certain types of actions among users, such as getting registration or buying certain products.

A landing page (or landing pages) is a web page that users visit when they click on a link in a particular post or ad. They are specifically designed to convert visitors to those websites into potential customers and it is in this place that PPC campaigns are carried out. If you haven’t achieved the desired success, chances are you’re not following the right steps. Let’s see how you can improve it with these tips.

1. Your landing page or landing page may be the problem of the failure of your PPC campaign

Laptop on desktop as an example of PPC campaign.

Promotional landing pages tend to maintain the same design format as the rest of the website, which can cause distractions to potential customers to perform certain specific actions. The design of this page should be as simple as possible, that is, it should not contain menus or alternatives to perform different actions.

  • One of the most common errors in this type of page is that they are used to add forms and buttons which can cause the user to leave the page without taking any action.
  • Ideally, define a specific objective for each landing page and design based on each one. For example, if your ad is for clothing, you can’t send a landing page that advertises lotions because your users aren’t looking for that product. This happens when you make a bad choice of keywords or when you carry out very general campaigns.
  • The solution to this is organization. You can create different ads but for different landing pages, with this you can get better results when creating your PPC campaign.

2. You do not know all the options of the advertising system in the search engines to achieve a successful PPC campaign

Young man reading in a coffee shop about as an example of PPC campaign.

Regardless of the search engine in which you are advertising, advertising mechanisms are usually complex, so it is necessary to understand them in depth before launching a PPC campaign. Google has dozens of advertising options and you can advertise in search engine results or through its display network. Also, each option offers different formats that are optimized depending on the results you want to achieve. 

For example; Google has an ad with a call button, which is great for businesses that are interested in what their potential customers are contacting rather than ending up on a landing page. Remember that you’ve set a goal for your ad and once you’ve done that, it’s easy to decide which format is best for your business.

3. You haven’t set up exactly who, where, and when to show your ads in your PPC campaign

Word audience on white board to illustrate PPC campaign.

The technical part of the PPC campaign strategy can be somewhat flawed. You might have a good landing page and know the different types of ads, but if you can’t define your target audience, you might be wrong about allocating your marketing budget. One of the mistakes in this regard is not knowing how to bid on ads.

The amount you contribute per click greatly affects the position you get and the number of times your ad is shown. If you advertise on Google, there will be no problem reviewing the Google Ads bidding strategies for your ads based on the format you want to use and you will surely be able to get the best value for your money.

4. Investment

Hand holding bills burning.

When you place an ad, you can specify not only by the search keyword but also by the geographic region or time you want your ad to appear. It is essential to know what is the best day and the best time to post on social networks. If you have a store open at set times and expect your customers to call when they see your ad, the best strategy is to schedule the ad during your store’s opening hours.

In order not to make a bad investment when it comes to paying for your ads, do not place very general keywords. Going back to the example of a clothing store, you need to specify the geographic location your store is located for you to actually capture leads. And improve your PPC campaign.

5. You don’t track results

Graph to illustrate PPC campaign metrics.

For a PPC campaign to be successful in search engines, there has to be a process that involves quality. Quality is important because it helps you grow, as it starts from a plan that is executed, analyzed, and redesigned based on the flaws we discover. 

If you don’t track your campaigns, if you don’t know what kind of keywords are generating the most traffic, and you don’t know the percentage of users who participated in your calls to action, you won’t know what the mistakes are, so you won’t be able to find solutions.

6. You pay attention to statistics that don’t matter

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Depending on your target group, you will be able to measure the success of your campaign differently; If you’re looking to improve your brand’s visibility on the web and hire advertising on the display network, an important metric is knowing how many times your ad has been seen.

On the other hand, if you want them to fill out forms, the metric you should look for is the number of people who clicked on the button; Many people may think that the number of clicks received is an important metric, but if you look closer, it won’t tell you anything about how to achieve the goal. In the form example, if you focus only on the number of clicks they received and not on those that are completed, your measurement is incorrect. In this case, it may be useful to compare the number of people who visited the landing page with the number of forms submitted.

These are the things that need to be analyzed. A successful PPC campaign is neither easy nor impossible. Creating a campaign should follow a few logical steps by paying attention to the essential points. The first thing is to know how the PPC digital advertising system works, then think about the design of your landing page ads, to configure and be able to track your PPC campaign. Make the necessary changes, analyze your figures and mix them. A PPC campaign can be very useful in search engines if you know how to optimize your budget.

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