Why hire an SEO expert and what it should offer your site

A SEO expert must work and know the algorithms of search engines and users, giving priority to a strategy that is based on content marketing so that it can provide a better experience to users.

The high demand for websites has generated that search engines such as Google are increasingly demanding when it comes to optimizing the positioning of the pages regardless of the turn they have: business, blogs, etc. For this, you must improve the SEO of the pages and it is advisable to hire an expert in this subject to make the most of their knowledge and position your site or business.

But do you know how to choose the right SEO professional for you?

An SEO expert must work and know the algorithms of search engines and users, giving priority to a strategy that is based on content marketing so that it can provide a better experience to users.

1. What is SEO?

SEO acronym for expert in the field.

First, we want to make it clear what SEO is and why it is so relevant in the design of the content of your page or site.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in Spanish is web positioning and encompasses a series of actions whose main objective is to position a page or site in the first places of search and thus attract as much traffic as possible. This works by using keywords for search engines to find the page.

2. How does an SEO expert work and why do you need it?

Man and woman SEO expert working on a white board.

You need an SEO expert to get your site to appear in the first places of search because when users are browsing to find a product or service, most do not go beyond the first page. SEO seeks to attract organic traffic to your site and is usually the most reliable although it requires a lot of work.

3. What are the functions of an SEO consultant?

Hands of man SEO expert writing on laptop with red background.
  • An SEO expert can help you achieve many improvements for your business and make your project known to a greater number of people.
  • The SEO expert within his functions must have the ability to establish strategies to plan the actions that have to be carried out and at what time. You should also know how to analyze how users have come to your page; this leads him to study your competition. Here establish the keywords that position your business and perform link building.
  • The SEO expert must maintain a constant review of their strategy in the project.

4. Keywords for SEO experts

Computer keyboard illuminated with blue light.
  • Keywords are very important for SEO experts because through these, search engines can do their job. An SEO expert must know how to define which are the keywords that will be useful for your page. You should also know what is the necessary amount you owe of these words, this is known as density.
  • An SEO consultant also makes sure that the page is friendly to Google’s regulations in its algorithms, which are constantly changing and the expert is required to stay updated.
  • This is carried out through actions such as the restructuring of the page and its content since these must have certain characteristics.
  • Within optimization and restructuring, the page should load at high speed and be friendly to any device; as well as it must comply with a design that is really attractive and captures the attention of users, so the SEO expert you hire for your site, must have the ability to meet and meet these demands.

5. A SEO expert must build links that position your site

Hand holding cell phone with screen in the background as an example of SEO expert.

This expert should control the construction of the links that position your page since these are like a guide for users and help to raise the Rank of your site. By having several pages that link to yours, your category will get better and better, but in addition to building the links, it also controls the ones on your site.

Another function of an SEO expert is to maintain the security of the page, preventing the entry of viruses or other actions that can cause failures in the results of the page or the site; you have to know all the tools to change strategies when you are not yielding the expected results.

6. How to choose an SEO consultant?

Magnifying glass on laptop keyboard.
  • A consultant or SEO expert must meet certain requirements so that their work on your site is valuable, among the most important characteristics it must have are:
  • Knowledge focused on the positioning of pages or sites in search engines and know the necessary techniques to implement them.
  • Need to stay up-to-date in your knowledge, as search engines like Google have constant changes in their algorithms.
  • Have knowledge of various techniques, tools, and processes of the programs that are used for these tasks and you must know how to differentiate between Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques. Black Hat SEO is a set of aggressive techniques that do not follow the instructions of search engines and seek to manipulate the rules to achieve extraordinary results in a short time but run the risk of being sanctioned. White Hat SEO follows the ethics to comply with these rules that have been imposed by search engines in improving the positioning of a site or page. Having an SEO expert who distinguishes these differences can save you a lot of trouble.
  • An SEO expert must be original and highly creative. As well as having an extraordinary ability to write.
  • Must know how to solve unforeseen events and have the ability to communicate effectively with customers.

As you can see, SEO requires a lot of constant work and attention; it doesn’t deliver results instantly but as we mentioned earlier, it’s the most effective way to drive organic traffic to your pages or sites.

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