You may be holding back due to these five emotions 

Your development and growth can be stunted when you are afflicted by hurtful memories and past emotions. However, the question is, what can you do to overcome this insidious psychological conditioning?

Your development and growth can be stunted when you are afflicted by hurtful memories and past emotions. However, the question is, what can you do to overcome this insidious psychological conditioning? What are the best ways to grow and develop beyond hurtful episodes which we bury in our subconscious minds and that influence our everyday lives? Specifically, how do we grow and change in order to take on our dreams?

In order to move forward, the first thing we need to do is break away from the shackles of these socially imposed impediments. The first step to dealing with these obstacles is to recognize them, then either eliminate them or turn them into a positive force that helps you out rather than hinders you. It is important to identify the inhibiting memories in your life for you to be able to control them rather than be controlled by them. Were you hurt by someone in the past? It is important to forgive and forget about it. It is time to move on from it. Have you been unfairly punished by someone? The past is the past. Let’s move forward.

There are some common emotions that we have to deal with that creep their way into our subconscious and impede our growth as individuals:

Top 5 common emotions

1. Anger

man breaking a pencil because of anger

In the case of personal injury or attack, this is a natural reaction. The energy is being released. If you allow it to simmer for a long period of time, it will rob you of energy that could be used to improve your life. It is not healthy to hold anger for more than a week at any given time; it will only bring you harm. Allow yourself to let go of your anger. Picture yourself throwing it out of the window. Take a deep breath. Take control of your anger and turn it into something positive. Don’t let your anger consume you, let it motivate you instead.

2. Revenge

woman planning revenge because of her emotions

Revenge is the cousin of anger. Revenge also robs you of your strength in the long run by draining you of your energy. There is a good chance the person who has injured you has moved on with his or her life; so should you. Make sure that you do not let your injury cause further harm by inhibiting your growth. You can either lose it or use it. In place of saying, “I will get them,” say, “I will show them.”

3. Sadness

man crying because of sadness

The symptoms of this emotion are even worse than anger; they drain you from the moment you feel them, depleting your will to live. You’ll probably have to wait until it gradually drains away so the symptoms don’t become so severe. Although time heals wounds if the sadness seems to remain, force it out consciously. Think about activities that make you smile and make you feel positive about life in general. Remember that you cannot change anything by feeling sad. Find and maintain a sense of peace of mind.

4. Resentment

couple having emotions of resentment

It is true that life does not always treat us fairly. To hold on to resentment is not a constructive way to deal with your anger, and it is not a realistic way to cope with the situation. It is better to drop the resentment and continue. Remember, we are all in the same sea, regardless of whichever boat we are in.

5. Guilt

guilt emotion

Guilt is also considered to be another emotion that stands in your way when it comes to achieving your dreams. There has been no one of us who can avoid making mistakes and regretting them. We all have things we wish we had done differently. The guilt we feel when we think about the things we should have done differently will keep us from moving forward. Make sure you don’t let others put you on a guilt trip. Whenever someone puts you on the defensive, you can reframe the situation by telling yourself, “Whatever you do or say to me, I am still a worthwhile person.

If you want to rid yourself of these past emotions, you need to put them in a positive light rather than a negative light. This will result in cutting off the painful roots of these emotions within your subconscious. The best way to interpret the past is by reinterpreting it using the following guidelines: Be better, not bitter. Find a place to sit in peace and quiet. Take some time to relax. Think of someone or something who has given you pain or disappointment in the past.

As you do this, step back mentally from the sentiment and the experience. Do you feel that the emotions you experienced have made you stronger? did these emotions give you the determination you needed? Do you have the capacity to use those memories as an asset rather than as a burden? If you do, why not use them to your advantage?

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