Your business can really grow with a testimonial 

It is easier for you to generate new business when the testimonial is measurable, and the client speaks in their own words. 

In so many of our marketing materials, we fail to utilize one of the most persuasive selling elements – the words of our own clients.  Creative people often have wonderful client testimonials, but they won’t share them for fear of being seen as ‘bragging’ or as “self-promotional.” Well, obviously that’s the way it is.  Marketing is good! 

Why not use the words of your client to show potential clients how valuable your services are after you have completed a project for them?  Creative businesses should pay even more attention to testimonials because it is difficult for the average person to determine the value for arts-related products and services.  The more others talk about the value of working with you, the easier it is for them to appreciate your work.  Ask your client for a testimonial if they doesn’t come running to you with one.  Generally, clients are honored when you ask them for a testimonial. 

Your best testimonials will identify with your potential clients and demonstrate that a measurable goal has been reached.   

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The testimonials aren’t as persuasive as they should be if they aren’t measurable.  All you need to do is ask for measurable testimonials.  Thank the client for the kind words and ask him to narrate how his business has improved since you began working together. If the testimonial isn’t measurable, give the client an example of how his business has improved as a result of your work together.   

As a response, you can say: 

“Thank you for your feedback.  I am glad that you have experienced success.  Can you tell me more about what we have accomplished together?  Can we gauge the difference we made?” 

It is easier for you to generate new business when the testimonial is measurable, and the client speaks in their own words. 

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Take a look at the clients you have and look at the projects you have completed recently.  Get testimonials from your best clients.  Cold calling is much more difficult. 

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