About us

Dare to create, unleash creativity, discover
Tank Studio Lab

Enter our studio lab and discover who we are. Learn more about what moves us, our passions, motivations, and history. Get to know us better and dare to create with us.


You don’t have to chose between structure and aesthetics. We have the perfect balance between development and design for your website.


Better ideas come from better thinking. We know how to create design like no other and how to solve problems efficiently.


We’re not afraid to be the firsts to try something new. Whether it be a new aesthetic, programm or process, we dare to adapt to whatever comes our way and to overcome.


Who are we

We’re a strong team of experts on everything web who dare to think outside the box. We know that creativity is key to problem solving and to unique design, that is why we let our creativity run wild on every project. Our team is commited to constant innovation and to meet our clients’ expectations. We don’t shy away from unconventional ideas and we know that there is a lot of power in experimenting to achieve greatness.


Our Philosophy

Creativity above all else. We know that to distinguish ourselves we must bring something unique to the table, therefore we promote processes that bring out creativity. We know that success comes after a long path of learning, therefore we’re not easily discouraged. We’re true team players who know the value of sharing ideas and skills to build greatness.


How we work

Discover our studio lab, a place where creativity runs free. We dare to create, we know that in the creative process there is a lot of trial and error to achieve full potential. We’re adaptable, experimental, and clever. Creating with us is knowing there is always a viable solution or way to turn ideas into reality.

Why Tank Studio Lab

Our name was originally a joke between our team members. However, we soon realized we found it catchy and that we identified with it. We think of ourselves as a strong team, both because we have good relationships among our members and because we are skillful experts in our areas. We chose one of nature’s strongest animals, the rhino, because they are as unstoppable as a tank, but also because we know that our creativity is as untamed as a wild animal.
We think of our methods as working on a studio that doubles as a lab. We know that certain things require sophistication but many need experimentation. We have the passion, skills, and procedures to bring something unique into existence.

Our Core Values


We know that no idea es possible without audacity. We don’t place limits upon ourselves, we’re open to learning and creating things that haven’t been created yet.


We encourage uniqueness. We know understand that good ideas take time and effort, that is why we respect the process. We don’t shut down “dumb” ideas, we know that with the right input anything can be bettered.

Team Work

Every person in our team adds value. Every new skill, opinion, or idea from our team members is an opportunity for growth. We know we are stronger together.